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Three simple steps to build effective relationships!

Shot of colleagues celebrating during a meeting in a modern office
  1. Hold conversations
  2. Practice self-awareness
  3. Listen more than you speak

These three steps can help any leader build more effective relationships in the workplace, which often helps to pave the way to getting the results you’re looking for!

These 8 HR predictions can help you prepare for the year ahead!

“The driving force behind every innovation has been human(s): employees who believed in the organization’s vision and were empowered to do the best work of their lives.” How will you empower your employees?


MHR Services Statement

Here is a brief look at the services we provide to our clients and customers. SimplyMerit is Simple, Intuitive, and Global Compensation Management for the Business. Auxin Group‘s WELLNESS® program is self-directed and professionally-guided to inspire (re)defining and (re)engaging career and life aspirations. Our consulting services have shaped and supported clients across countries, industries, and sizes.

How to overcome the “what-the-hell effect” in your 2020 resolutions!

“Most goal setters benefit by following a ‘virtue-to-vice ratio of 4-to-1.'” Even if you have a small setback in your resolutions, employing this ratio will keep you on track to reach your 2020 goals!

Knowing when and why to hire an HRIS Consultant can save time and money.

“Many modern HRIS applications can be customized to fit your business needs.” Follow the link below to read about the advantages of hiring an HRIS Consultant!