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Wellness Wednesday: Cancer Fighting Foods

It seems like everywhere we turn, someone we know or love is diagnosed with cancer.  It also seems like everything can cause or cure cancer.  There are so many unanswered questions and contradictory opinions.  I recently watched 2 different documentaries that really left me questioning the food I eat, and what I am putting into my body.  I, personally, am going to make a very conscious attempt to limit certain foods in my diet.  I hope you enjoy the following article that teaches you more about the healthy foods that can prevent cancer, and about the actions you can take to lower your risk of certain cancers. 

Enjoy These Foods That Help Prevent Cancer

There are practical, healthy and tasty choices you can make every day, at every meal.
Let’s look at some of these food choices that are known to have cancer-fighting properties…



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Your Boss is Terrible. Here’s Why…

Hope this article helps many early-stage managers…and wish I read it back then, too. It is a quick read but resonates. When you are successful early in your career because of your independence and autonomy, it is a COMPLETELY new game when supervising others because you must remember that “You can’t [meaning ‘should not’] do everything yourself when you are a manager.”

This is Why Your Boss is Terrible, According to Management Experts

We all know that bosses can be jerks. Now economists think they understand why — although the reason may surprise you.

As it turns out, most companies end up promoting their best-performing employees, giving them responsibility for supervising others workers. The problem, new research shows, is that the skills that made employees succeed at their initial jobs don’t help when it comes to supervising others — and may actually hurt.

Read more…

Why Bosses Are Bad, According to New Research


Let’s Talk HR Issues

HR Colleagues – would you like to meet (even virtually) to discuss this article from Fortune.com?

This ‘look behind the curtain’ generated some emotion on my end – you? Anyone going to the World at Work Future of Work Conference in Dallas next week? I’ll be there, let’s meet/talk! – Laura Morgan

I am looking forward to attending this event and recognizing some opportunities we may have in our own organization. Change is everywhere in the workplace and it is important that we are open to some new trends.  We will need to think about the way we can be creative and think outside of the box in the future of work, talent and rewards. I am curious to hear thought leaders speak on behalf of these philosophies.



Technology in the Workplace Interest Group – Building a Real-Time Performance Management Culture

The Alzheimer’s Association in Chicago hosted a wonderful event on March 1, 2018.
HR has been talking about “blowing up” the Performance Management process for decades. That reality is finally within reach thanks to advances in technology like cloud-computing that make new, modern, more engaging solutions available to companies of all sizes. The panelists were able to share their experiences on how technology made it possible to move from a decades-old annual PM process to a real-time, frequent touch-point approach that ties Performance Management into their Compensation processes. They discussed their journeys, their successes and challenges, and how technology is enabling their managers to maximize the value that they derive from their Performance Management and Compensation processes. Thank you, Alzheimer’s Association, HRMAC and all the panelists for hosting, speaking and attending the event.


Emily Fisk, Manager, Talent Management, GoGo, LLC

Lindsay Dagiantis, VP of Human Resources, Envoy Global, Inc.

Karen Moody, Compensation Manager, Alzheimer’s Association

The Event Moderator was Managing Partner, Laura Morgan of MorganHR, Inc.

For further information about upcoming visit HRMAC events.



Join Us at the HRMAC Winter Networking Event

Reconnect with industry leaders and colleagues and welcome new members to the HRMAC community, including new President and CEO Liz Summy, during the HRMAC Winter Networking Event on February 8.

Join us and your fellow members for an evening of relaxed conversation at Little Toasted, conveniently located across the street from Union Station, and honor Lyndy Nierman for her years of dedication to HRMAC as a volunteer and an employee.