TigerConnect started using SimplyMerit in 2020 with approximately 200 employees. SimplyMerit’s quick turnaround helped them meet deadlines and quickly prepare for their approaching compensation board meeting.

Our Customer

TigerConnect is the largest provider of clinical communications solutions, improving staff collaboration to enhance productivity, costs, & patient outcomes.

We sat down with their team, including the SVP of People, and here is how they described their experience with SimplyMerit.


We wanted to move away from spreadsheets. It was becoming a bit of a manual process… like spreading peanut butter.

The Challenge

At one point we were managing over 50 different workbooks for collecting managers’ compensation recommendations.

TigerConnect is rapidly scaling, and needed a solution that can scale as they do.

Our Solution

“SimplyMerit aligned with our core values of using data to empower our employees.”

“Other Vendors wanted to overcomplicate things, and try to create a mini HRIS for us. We chose SimplyMerit because it kept things simple.”

SimplyMerit allowed TigerConnect to keep their compensation planning process simple.


For us, it has been a seamless experience, and the level of responsiveness has been great. We were able to get everything out in a very tight timeline.

Success with SimplyMerit

“Prior to SimplyMerit, we were struggling with missed deadlines, and spreadsheets with broken formulas and an inherited and complex process after a member left our org. SimplyMerit allowed us to keep our process simple and formalized.”