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Unique Learning and Development Programs to Empower Your Managers to Feel Confident in Talking About Pay.

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CompAware: Compensation and Rewards Learning and Development Programs

Your Goal: Keeping Your Employees Engaged

We know that employees need and want to be engaged. You want them to leave compensation and performance conversations feeling valued. You want them to feel empowered to develop and grow. You want them to feel inspired take risks and feel in control of their career. You want them to be genuinely curious learners.

Yet, often times managers are not given the tools or practice as they move through their careers.

Our Goal: Employee Engagement

Let’s face it: once a year, you formally talk about compensation, performance, and engagement as an organization. Yet, leaders need to engage with their employees all year! We help leaders have productive conversations through our CompAware program!

Our program elevates leaders to guide, support, develop, and challenge!

Our Solutions

Our CompAware program offers you and your leaders a unique experience through Interactive Learning Sessions. These Compensation Management Training sessions are strategically crafted to equip your leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of compensation effectively. We start with core compensation principles and build key leadership skills. We understand the importance of achieving pay transparency while engaging employees in discussions that empower them. With CompAware, your leaders will gain invaluable insights through best practices, enabling them to make informed decisions and foster trust within your organization.


Our Programs

  • 90 Minutes
  • Experiential Learning
  • Live Discussion
  • Immediate Application
  • Tailored to Your Needs
  • Virtual or in Person

Navigating the Compensation Maze: A Leader's Guide

Navigating compensation discussions and decisions is a critical role of a leader.

Compensation discussions can sometimes feel like uncharted territory, don’t they?  This foundational session is designed to equip managers with the essential know-how to decode the mysteries of compensation.

What’s in it for you? We’re here to demystify your organization’s compensation philosophy, policies, and structure. This program enhances transparency, gives leaders a common understanding of compensation terms, and begins to make those compensation conversations and decisions a breeze.

Impactful Pay and Performance Conversations

As leaders, we spend too much time talking about the % increase or the difference between meeting and exceeding expectations. Empower your leaders to foster transparent, engaging, and productive conversations around compensation. Effective leadership hinges on open, honest dialogue, particularly when addressing vital topics like performance and pay. This program equips managers with best-practice guidance to tackle common questions about company pay practices, inflation, current compensation, and salary adjustments. Designed to inspire managers to plan for each employee pay conversation, our program ensures they can facilitate transparent discussions leading to actionable next steps.



Motivation-Driven Pay Conversations: Strategies for Success

Having a rich performance and salary conversation can impact your employee’s performance, engagement, and effectiveness to the company. Taking the time to think about each employee and their motivators is important in order to have the most productive conversation. We will learn a simple model to help you prepare for your conversation. You will leave confident in holding an engaging conversation.

The Art of Intentional Feedback: Aligning Pay Discussions

Feedback needs to be part of everyday conversations! This program aims to equip managers with the skills and techniques needed to give intentional and actionable feedback to their employees. The program focuses on helping managers handle tough conversations effectively, deliver clear feedback on strengths and opportunities while addressing questions related to pay, and shift conversations toward employee development and goals. Managers will be introduced to the WRAP™ Feedback Model, a structured approach that helps them effectively plan and deliver critical feedback with clear, actionable next steps. 

Unlocking Engagement: Shifting Pay Discussions with ENGAGE™

In today’s dynamic work environment, it’s crucial for leaders to ENGAGE™ in meaningful conversations with their employees regarding compensation and performance. Rather than simply “telling” employees about their pay, adopting a coaching approach can foster better understanding, improve employee engagement, and enhance overall performance. 

This program is designed to equip leaders with the skills and mindset to guide the discussion from discovery to root cause, leaving employees confident they can follow up on the next steps. By asking questions, listening actively, and using a supportive framework, leaders can ENGAGE™ employees in discussions beyond surface-level conversations, understanding the employees’ perspectives and aspirations while building perspectives and keeping the discussion constructive and development-focused.