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CoreTeam is a Workforce Management application that is built on the proven SimplyMerit platform. This application is specifically designed to help companies efficiently and objectively manage layoffs… whether it is a reduction in force, furlough, or even reductions in pay.

CoreTeam leverages SimplyMerit’s infrastructure and financial calculation engine to streamline making layoffs. CoreTeam is secure, engages managers in the process, provides financial impact analysis at each level, records justifications, and provides HR with additional insights into potential areas of risk before they become problems.

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Go Live with CoreTeam in hours! We are delivering CoreTeam implementation guides and help videos so that you can quickly and confidently roll this out to your leaders and managers. For nearly 20 years, MorganHR has been helping companies of all sizes navigate the challenges of Compensation. We have your back with proven technology and a skilled team of Comp experts!

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What is CoreTeam?

For Leaders and Managers

  • Identify employees to retain, layoff, furlough, or reduce pay
  • Supports single or multiple rounds of layoffs
  • Displays pay line impact for each manager’s span of control and direct reports
  • Approval workflow with overrides
  • Prioritize return-to-work order for furloughed employees
  • Data-driven selection process to provide objective recommendations
  • Grade employees relative to one another on each team to aid in selection and justification

For HR

  • Go Live in HOURS!
  • Instantly model financial impact at every level of the organization
  • Single source of the truth
  • Securely invite the leaders and managers who should be involved in this process
  • Displays pay line impact for each manager’s span of control and direct reports
  • Provide key data elements to aid in good objective decision making
  • Automatically generate letters for every employee
  • Automatically distribute letters to managers
  • Live and realtime access throughout the process
  • Visibility into potential risk areas (age, gender, tenure, performance ratings, etc.)
  • Extract data for HRIS / Payroll updates

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