Mavenlink started using SimplyMerit in 2021 with approximately 400 employees. Next year they are looking forward to utilizing SimplyMerit’s adjustment letter feature even more.

Our Customer

The Mavenlink Industry Cloud for Professional Services™ enables agencies, consultants and professional services organizations to optimize resources and elevate operational performance to build a thriving business. A resource-first architecture, enables resource managers to field the best team, every time and see up-to-the minute progress against timelines and budgets so projects run smoothly, predictably, and profitably. With Mavenlink’s purpose-built technology services businesses can support clients like never before.

We sat down with Tina Yun, HR Business Partner about her team’s experience with SimplyMerit.


As cliché as it may sound, it was very easy to use.

The Challenge

“When we were using a different tool, [the other tool] looked great but was not very functional for us.”

Mavenlink was using other compensation management tools that looked great but did not offer the solutions needed as the data became messy to manage and lacked documentation and manuals.

Our Solution

“SimplyMerit was what we needed. I liked how we were able to easily put in the percentage or dollar amount, and it calculated everything. It was really easy to use.”

SimplyMerit enabled Mavenlink to streamline their approval process and received the support from the SimplyMerit team to implement best practices. SimplyMerit helped Mavenlink fill in the gaps for planning and managing their merit cycle.


“Again, as cliché as it may sound, it was very easy to use and implementation was quite simple, straightforward, and short. Implementation overall went smoothly.”

Success with SimplyMerit

“Overall, we had a smooth process starting from implementation all the way to sending adjustment letters for the first time.”