Simple, Intuitive, and Global Compensation Management for the Business.

What is SimplyMerit?

SimplyMerit® is a real-time HR Compensation Management solution that engages leaders and empowers managers to optimize their Merit budgets, Bonus pools, and Equity grants.

We can have you LIVE IN FIVE days or less! Think of it… no more errors, no more headaches of managing hundreds of spreadsheets, no more security worries!

SimplyMerit manages the currency conversions, applies the configurable prorations, manages the approval workflow, and even generates and distributes your adjustment letters.

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The simple and intuitive interface provides for a natural and deliberate workflow for merit pay adjustment requests and approvals. Our thoughtful design guides managers through the process every step of the way virtually eliminating the need for training.


Numerous guidelines and compensation management recommendations established by HR in the configuration phase are readily available to managers throughout the application.


HR and senior leadership can monitor and collaborate with managers every step of the way using the powerful workflow and collaboration engine.


Requested compensation adjustments are visible all the way up the management hierarchy; approvals, adjustments, and rejections are always communicated to the impacted manager; special exception requests remain visible throughout the system.


Every update is tracked in our system to ensure maximum auditability. Our security controls ensure that managers are only able to interact with their data and no one else’s.


“Live in Five!” means that SimplyMerit’s merit pay software is typically live in less than five days. Importing data, configuring budgets, connecting to your Performance Management processes, and creating and distributing adjustment letters are all simple and straightforward.


SimplyMerit Insights provides a Board-ready analysis that identifies biases, disparities, trends, outliers, and opportunities within your compensation environment.


HR can utilize SimplyMerit to model the holistic impact of compensation adjustments during the planning phase. This aids in setting realistic and complete budget numbers, which are then tracked in real-time throughout the compensation management process in SimplyMerit.