Compensation software so intuitive and powerful, you can ditch the spreadsheets for good.

Simplify your annual compensation cycle (for everyone involved!) and watch manager engagement skyrocket.

“Buh bye, Excel! SimplyMerit is easy from start to finish.”

—Julie K., Vice President Human Resources

Compensation management made easy, understandable, and—yes!—enjoyable.

Administering merit budgets, bonus pools, and equity grants in spreadsheets is time-consuming, error-prone, and unreliable, not to mention just plain old annoying. The traditional Excel process also clouds understanding and discourages managers from fully engaging in the process.

Switch to SimplyMerit, the Compensation Management solution that managers love. Designed by experienced compensation consultants, it addresses the biggest pain points of compensation specialists everywhere and provides clarity and simplicity for your managers and executives.

Get your teams back to focusing on what really matters—meaningfully and thoughtfully rewarding employees for their performance. Join the legions of organizations enjoying smoother, simpler, more transparent compensation cycles that everyone understands and feels good about.

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Go Live In Five

We’ll get you up and running in record time! If you are short on time, we can have you live in five days or less! Our team members are with you every step of the way, from initial setup to implementing (and rocking!) your first compensation cycle.

Make your next compensation management cycle the simplest, most productive one yet.

Reduce your compensation planning cycle by as much as 85%

Collaborate Seamlessly

Forget version control and emailing spreadsheets back and forth. SimplyMerit allows compensation professionals, senior leaders, and managers to effortlessly collaborate and monitor changes in real time. It automatically manages multi-currency budgeting, providing your managers across the globe with a single view of compensation and worldwide budgets. It also generates and distributes multilingual adjustment letters, to boot. Teams can use it to manage:

  • Annual base salary adjustments
  • Bonus allocations
  • Equity grants
Collaborate Seamlessly with SimplyMerit

Work Simply

No spreadsheet expertise needed here!

SimplyMerit’s simple and intuitive interface provides for a natural and deliberate workflow for compensation adjustment requests and approvals.

Our thoughtful design guides managers through the process every step of the way, virtually eliminating the need for training. SimplyMerit also supports final executive approvals, which provide a system of record for auditability.

Work Simply with SimplyMerit Compensation Software

Boost Transparency

Avoid the added layers of communication and misinformation associated with multiple rounds of spreadsheets.

Make your HR guidelines and compensation management recommendations readily available for managers—simply input them as part of the configuration phase, and they will be presented to users at relevant points throughout the process.

Plus, requested compensation adjustments and special exception requests are visible all the way up the management hierarchy, and approvals, adjustments, and rejections are always clearly communicated to the impacted manager.

Boost Transparency with SimplyMerit Compensation Software

Make Decisions Strategically

Data modeling and analysis can be a nightmare with multiple spreadsheets, but not in SimplyMerit.

It’s easy to model the impact of compensation adjustments with just a few clicks and get an overview of your entire compensation structure.

Plus, our analysis feature allows you to delve deep into your data to identify biases, disparities, trends, outliers, and opportunities within your compensation environment—and present it all in a “Board-ready” analytical report.

Make Decisions Strategically with SimplyMerit Compensation Software

Address Issues Quickly

Excel is a great tool. It’s simply not built to be an application.

When you switch to SimplyMerit, you’re not just getting the benefits of a powerful compensation management tool. You’re also partnering with MorganHR, a team of veteran compensation experts who can help you get your compensation right.

If your data analysis reveals issues, your managers need support, or you simply need a more competitive compensation plan, we’re ready and waiting to help make your program the best it can be!

Address Issues Quickly with SimplyMerit

ADP, UKG, or XYZ—SimplyMerit plays well with nearly any HRIS platform

Most HRIS ecosystems are long on breadth and short on depth, offering minimal functionality in complex areas like merit pay, bonuses, and equity grants. If you’re looking for a more powerful compensation tool to complement your current HRIS, SimplyMerit is the perfect solution. We make it easy to import your data so you can quickly get started collaborating, analyzing, and rewarding in a more meaningful way—just like that!
SimplyMerit plays well with ADP HRIS platform
SimplyMerit plays well with BambooHR HRIS platform
SimplyMerit plays well with UKG HRIS platform

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that your customer service is stellar, and I brag to everyone who needs a Merit tool that you are hands down my favorite vendor!

Holly S.

Senior Manager Total Rewards


“Every time our team wanted to do something new in the platform, the SimplyMerit team showed us that it was not only possible, but easy! The support team helped us configure the site to our liking, always within a quick turnaround time.”

Sara W.

Human Resources Specialist


“Great partnership. The tool is very user-friendly, and we had nothing but positive feedback from our management team.”

Sia A.

Director, Total Rewards

See what it would be like to ditch salary spreadsheets forever!

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