MorganHR Integration Announcement

MorganHR, Inc., formerly Morgan HR Consulting, Ltd., is pleased to announce the integration of Morgan HR Consulting, SimplyMerit from Cobalt Solutions, and Auxin Group.  This integration establishes MorganHR as the premier HR Compensation Consulting and Software company in the industry proudly offering our clients a simple, one-touch connection to comprehensive compensation services and technology.  Laura Morgan, founder of MorganHR and the Auxin Group, has 30 years of HR Compensation experience.  Neil Morgan, creator of SimplyMerit and with 30 years in IT Business Intelligence, will join Laura as Managing Partner of the new entity.

MorganHR has a strong track record of developing innovative solutions to help solve clients’ unique HR Compensation challenges.  We take an energetic, action-oriented approach to issue identification and resolution.  Our capabilities are in Talent and Rewards products and services and are formed to directly align with our clients’ strategies.

Overall MorganHR’s Specialties:

  • HR Consulting Services
  • HR Software Solutions including SimplyMerit
  • Auxin Group’s Career (Re)Engagement Development Program


MorganHR Consulting

The first of MorganHR’s solutions is our purpose driven consulting firm.  We continue to help clients solve Human Resources problems and to build for the future.  Our style is collaborative, agile, and flexible to meet the needs of your people, processes, and technologies.  Our consultative approach spans strategic advisory and HR program design with deep intention and drive to optimize the use of technology and analytics.

MorganHR Consulting offers:

  • Compensation and Rewards
  • Strategy and Goal Setting
  • Governance Models and Decision Rights
  • Performance Improvement and Development
  • Process Mapping and Improvement
  • HR Communications
  • Organizational Development
  • Change Management
  • HR Services and Outsourcing


MorganHR Software including SimplyMerit

SimplyMerit is a cloud-based merit and bonus allocation system that empowers your managers to make informed pay decisions, engages your senior leadership with visibility and transparency throughout the merit and bonus processes, and enables HR to move from behind spreadsheets and out to the front lines with their management teams. Our simple, intuitive, and global compensation management software solution can be live in five days or less with no implementation fees.

We created MorganHR’s cloud-based HR Compensation management solution, SimplyMerit, after reading a study from Loyola University Chicago that found that 40% of companies in the U.S., regardless of industry or size, use spreadsheets to manage their annual compensation merit process.

SimplyMerit offers:

  • Salary and Bonus Administration
  • Simple, one-file upload for set-up
  • Real-time Access for HR and Manager Oversight
  • Empowers managers to make informed pay decisions
  • Policy Customizations
  • Letter Generation


Auxin Group Career (Re)Engagement Development Program

 In 2014, Laura created Auxin Group. Auxin is a self-directed, professionally guided Career (Re)Engagement Development Program for men and women that want to return to work after staying home to raise their families. Laura’s drive and passion for helping others succeed are reflected in the way she manages her own businesses. She encourages others to challenge themselves, and to grow, thrive, and celebrate their accomplishments while they transition back to work.

Laura realized that there is an underutilized talent pool of highly skilled professionals (stay at home moms) that stepped out of the workforce and have the desire and flexibility to be a part of a productive project team. Additionally, Auxin Group is able to offer internships to college students who bring a fresh outlook on today’s business issues. From this, she created a new business model that provides a career alternative with flexible hours that reflects Laura’s passion for those who want to obtain personal and professional growth while maintaining life balance by working from home.

Auxin – ˈôksin/


  1. a plant hormone that causes the elongation of cells in shoots and is involved in regulating plant growth. Therefore, the definition of Auxin Group = Growth and Development.

Auxin includes a six-phase program that prepares associates with career coaching, advanced skill development, and client service delivery within a team based, collaborative part-time project work environment.

On the client side, we give you on-demand resources to help you save time and money while engaging highly skilled, highly motivated professionals. By combining our leadership expertise, innovative spirit, and well-rounded project management competency, we ensure delivery of our clients’ initiatives.

Auxin Group offers:

  • Project and Meeting Management
  • Online Research
  • Data Collection and Organization
  • Process and Policy Documentation
  • Effective Communications


About Laura Morgan

Laura Morgan’s 30 year HR career spans both corporate leadership and consulting roles with the past 15 years leading Morgan HR Consulting.  Laura is a compensation expert with proven ability to develop and implement new strategies and change initiatives that create competitive advantage while supporting the culture and mission of the company.

Laura built Morgan HR Consulting to deliver excellence to clients across a variety of industries with a strong emphasis on Life Sciences.  Additionally, we have consulted for global, multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, mid-sized manufacturing firms, and 50-person entrepreneurial technology companies. Our practice has been built entirely on referrals and repeat customers.

Laura is a wife and mother of four children. She enjoys exercising and learning, and she has been a Girl Scout Leader for many, many years. Laura is a mentor to many and an active leader in the community.


About Neil Morgan

Neil Morgan, Managing Partner and creator of SimplyMerit, is passionate about creating elegant business solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology to empower individuals and businesses to deliver their best work.  SimplyMerit is Neil’s second startup after building a Business Intelligence Consulting, Software, and Solutions company, BrightStar Partners, Inc., which was acquired in 2012.

Neil loves spending time with his family, and he and Laura are blessed with four amazing kids. When he’s not working on MorganHR or doing things with the family, Neil enjoys volunteering his time with the local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and volunteering his time with HR industry groups including HRMAC and SHRM. He also enjoys exercising, contemplating more off-road Jeep adventures, competing in triathlons, and has even completed two Spartan Races with his son.

More information about MorganHR is available at  For a free demo of SimplyMerit, click

About the Author: Neil Morgan

Neil Morgan is the Managing Director of MorganHR, Inc., a leading Human Resources consulting company and software provider. A technology proponent who is also passionate about process simplification, Neil led the creation of SimplyMerit to help leaders take control of and optimize their annual merit, bonus, and equity processes. SimplyMerit now forms the backbone of MorganHR’s Compensation Management solutions.