Your Boss is Terrible. Here’s Why…

Hope this article helps many early-stage managers…and wish I read it back then, too. It is a quick read but resonates. When you are successful early in your career because of your independence and autonomy, it is a COMPLETELY new game when supervising others because you must remember that “You can’t [meaning ‘should not’] do everything yourself when you are a manager.”

This is Why Your Boss is Terrible, According to Management Experts

We all know that bosses can be jerks. Now economists think they understand why — although the reason may surprise you.

As it turns out, most companies end up promoting their best-performing employees, giving them responsibility for supervising others workers. The problem, new research shows, is that the skills that made employees succeed at their initial jobs don’t help when it comes to supervising others — and may actually hurt.

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Why Bosses Are Bad, According to New Research


About the Author: Neil Morgan

Neil Morgan is the Managing Director of MorganHR, Inc., a leading Human Resources consulting company and software provider. A technology proponent who is also passionate about process simplification, Neil led the creation of SimplyMerit to help leaders take control of and optimize their annual merit, bonus, and equity processes. SimplyMerit now forms the backbone of MorganHR’s Compensation Management solutions.