Coaching Managers Leads to High-Performance Companies

Based on the article below, employers need more effective ways of coaching managers in order to increase company performance. Some may say it is from a lack of coaching skills, and others may say there is no coaching present. Either way, coaching is more important now than ever due to COVID-19. Companies can start by encouraging HR and business leaders to expect daily feedback. This simple request can lead to valuable conversation and constructive criticism. Although most companies are remote, there are several ways to continue to coach; however, it is critical that managers link those skills back to day-to-day work. 

At MorganHR, we implement HR strategies that work. We are team players and coaches who are invested in supplying the tools employers need to succeed. It is especially important through the COVID-19 work transformations that communication is clear, and that we build a foundation remotely to ensure coaching is being translated directly to help with employee relations. MorganHR is equipped to engage with our clients and create more strategic ways of coaching in order to ensure our solution is long-lasting.

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About the Author: Neil Morgan

Neil Morgan is the Managing Director of MorganHR, Inc., a leading Human Resources consulting company and software provider. A technology proponent who is also passionate about process simplification, Neil led the creation of SimplyMerit to help leaders take control of and optimize their annual merit, bonus, and equity processes. SimplyMerit now forms the backbone of MorganHR’s Compensation Management solutions.