Strategic Orientation

We help design, build, and implement tailored HR strategies that work.

HR Transformation

We work across organizations to design and transform enterprises, business units, and operating HR models. We build organizational muscle to successfully plan for and execute HR transformations.

Program Design

Meaningful HR strategy design and deployment happens when employees are invested in a shared vision and have the knowledge, tools, and support they need to succeed. We’re both team players and coaches who lead and execute program design, approval, and deployment with you, keeping your people top of mind every step of the way.


MorganHR can also help with virtually any employee relations challenge, ranging from policy development and management to mergers and acquisitions.

Packaged Offerings

MorganHR has created pre-built packaged offerings for the services that we engage in with our clients most frequently. These offerings not only give you a sense of the type of work that we consistently deliver, they are designed to increase efficiency and repeatability in an effort to save you money.
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We Think Like Owners

You will be hard-pressed to find another firm who is more passionate and more dedicated to your success than MorganHR. We treat your budget as if it was our own, and we actively seek every opportunity to knowledge share to ensure that our solution carries well into the future.

With broad HR knowledge and deep technical know-how, MorganHR collaborates with clients to cultivate ideas and deliver results to these and other challenges facing HR today:

Business and Human Resources Alignment Strategies

Communication Consulting and HRIS Consulting

Organizational Development

Compensation and Rewards

Management Consulting

Human Resources Outsourcing