Transparent and intuitive cloud- based system that empowers managers to make informed, accurate, and data-driven merit and bonus recommendations. The annual Merit and Bonus cycle is a significant investment of both time and money for most organizations. Properly motivating and rewarding great performance can be an elusive target for managers. As the most intuitive HR Compensation management software on the market, SimplyMerit provides transparency, insight, governance, guidance, and collaboration throughout our clients’ Merit and Bonus cycles. Our cloud-based solution empowers your managers to make informed compensation decisions, engages your senior leadership with visibility and transparency throughout the merit and bonus processes, and enables HR to move from behind spreadsheets and out to the front lines with their management teams. “SimplyMerit is a proven technology solution critical to any size business focused on optimizing your remuneration and people investments.” – Guy Fusco; Former Vice President, Human Resources – Global Functions; Baxter International, Inc.